Plagueburst Crawler – Showcase

Large mortar projectile oozing with green toxic slime smashed into the ground several meters from their squad. Yet, it managed to knock all of the guardsmen down. After few seconds of recovery they noticed that not all of them were lucky to avoid melting sludge scattered into the air after the explosion. Squad sargant took his electronic field glases and zoomed grim shape that appeared far away from the fog. He saw foul shape of a Plagueburst Crawler surrounded by host of poxwalkers moving slowly forward …


Some time ago I painted this nice looking model of Plagueburst Crawler. It is in standard colors of my Death Guard Chaos army – toxic green. It took me something around 12 hours to finish this model, including assembly & painting. Take a look at it and feel free to ask if you have any questions regarding the paintjob.

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