Poxwalkers – Fast Painting Tutorial

Hello Everyone – today within this tutorial I’ll show you my technique for fast painting Death Guard Poxwalkers. It should be easy to paint batch of 10 poxwalkers into tabletop-ready within 3-5 hours (including assembly and dry time for washes) and next 2-3 hours to finish them with details and highlights. You could speed this up if you go with two batches of 10 each (tested – it goes really faster).

For this Tutorial I used models from Dark Imperium starter set for Warhammer 40k. So let’s get started.

Paint list (Citadel) – Tabletop-ready:

  • Corax White Spray
  • Seraphim Sepia Shade
  • Athonian Camoshade
  • Leadbelcher Base
  • Khorne Red Base
  • Zhandri Dust Base
  • Averland Sunset Base
  • Screamer Pink Base
  • Pallid Wych Flesh Layer
  • Abbadon Black Base / Dryad Bark Base
  • Nuln Oil Shade
  • Carroburg Crimson Shade
  • Druchi Violet Shade

Poxwalker Tutorial

  1. Assembly your Poxwalkers models and Glue them into bases. If you’re looking to make some nice scenic bases you can use some temporary ones or attach models to small rigid wires. But remember that this will extend painting process a lot.
  2. Undercoat your model using Corax White Spray.
  3. Take one of your bigger brushes and wash all of the flesh parts and horns on Poxwalker using Seraphim Sepia Shade. Dont worry about the details at this point.
  4. After the first layer is dry wash your model again with Athonian Camoshade.Poxwalker Tutorial
  5. Paint bones and horns using Zhandri Dust try leave the shaded areas for better effect.
  6. [optional] Drybrush gently horns and flesh parts with Pallyd Wych Flesh.
  7. Paint weapon and buckles with Leadbelcher.
  8. Paint cloth areas with Khorne Red and wash it with Carroburg Crimson shade.Poxwalker Tutorial
  9. Paint all maggots using Averland Sunset.
  10. Paint all pouches and belt using Driad Bark and wash it and other metal elements with Nuln Oil.
  11. Paint All tentacles/mutations with Screamer Pink and wash it with Druchi Violet.
  12. Paint eyes using Pallyd Wych Flesh.
  13. Make base – paint edges of base to black and glue some colored sand/flock. You can wash it Nuln Oil for better effect.

At this point you’ll have ver nice looking tabletop quality miniature. If you want to spend some time to enhance it a bit it will look even better.

Paint list (Citadel) – Enhancing & highlights:

  • Pallyd Wych Flesh Layer
  • Casandora Yellow Shade
  • Evil Sunz Scarlet Layer
  • Pink Horror Layer
  • Emperor’s Children Layer
  • Screaming Skull Layer
  • Balthasar Gold Base
  • Agrax Earthshade Shade
  • Runefang Steel Layer
  • Karak Stone Layer
  • Typhus Corrosion Technical
  • Nurgles Rot Technical

Poxwalker Tutorial

  1. Paint all blobs/pimples/vesicles with Pallyd Wych Fleash and wash them with Casandora Yellow Shade. Let it spill abit over to get effect of rotting skin.
  2. Highlight cloth with appropriate paint – this case I used Evil Sunz Scarlet.
  3. Drybrush/Highlight metal weapon parts with Runefang Steel.
  4. Paint some weapon parts with Balthasar Gold and wash them with Agrax Earthshade.
  5. Pick out Poxwalker teeth with Pallyd Wych Flesh.
  6. Highlight tentacles first with Horror Pink, and right after with Emperor’s Children.
  7. Drybrush/Highlight Horns & Bones with Screaming Skull.
  8. Drybrush/Highlight pouches and straps with Karak Stone.
  9. Place some Typhus Corrosion Technical for weapon and next use some Nurgle Rot on some of open wounds on miniature.

At the last step seal miniature using varnish you use. I prefer Citadel one, but bear in mind to shake it properly for at least 2 minutes before use to avoid some varnish corruption. At this point you’ll have nicely painted poxwalker and if you need many of them for your Death Guard army following above steps will help you to paint them in no time. Feel free to skip steps that are not necessary from your point of view and adjust them as much as you want to match your needs.

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