Death Guard Poxwalkers – Workstation Report

One of my current projects is completing Death Guard army for Warhammer 40K. Models that are available in Dark Imperium starter set are in my opinion one of the best currently in GW range. I already painted Death Guard Marines – you can check some of them in my Gallery. Next I focused on creepy and sticky Poxwalkers. I took them on my workbench and started to assembly and paint batches of 10 per one run.

I’m focusing on using fast painting techniques but still I want them to look better than average. I’m using corax white as a primer, and then combination of Citadel Shades – Seraphim Sepia & Athonian Camoshade. For the next step I’m using Citadel Base Paints for weapons and clothes. Then again I use wash of appropriate color from Citadel Shades.

If you are interested how exactly I paint those filthy guys, you will be happy to hear that my first tutorial will be targeted exactly for painting Poxwalkers – stay tuned!

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