Workstation Report – AOS Nighthaunt

Hello all,

summer time is here so not very much time for painting my minis but still I don’t forget about them. For last 2 weeks I was putting together models from Age of Sigmar Soul Wars and I tried to find best looking color scheme for my Nighthaunts. At this point I’m pretty happy what I was able to accomplish – I’m thinking about going for Dark Blue scheme – I used Kantor Blue as a base for dark cloak and wash of Nihilakh Oxide for ghostly areas.


Which one looks best for you?

P.S. Still it took some mini casaulties before finiding that most desired color combo 🙂


  1. Hello!
    I’m in love of your white and red color scheme! How do you do it? I find that he offers a fresh tone for the faction. I’m in search of mine for my Shadespire Nightvault.

    1. Thanks for checking my blog – Color scheme is very easy one. Start with Corax White, wash all ghost parts with Nihilak Oxide and drybrush with some bright color close to white, I use Ulthuan grey for ghosty effect. For cloak I use Korne Red, wash with Carroburg crimson, then drybrush with Khorne, Highlight with Evil Sunz Scarlett, next Firedragon Bright and then spot highlight with Yriell Yellow 🙂

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